Operation Examples

Take a look at some examples of Yman being successfully used at various plants.



Container transferring work

Container palletizing work

Block suction transferring

Roll-gripping jig with rotation

Fixed-jig B-type setup

Loading to a machine tool

Clamping work

Loading to a processing machine

Battery-powered dolly

Loading work


Multi-operation lever


Basic Yman E type at an engine assembly plant

Removing forged products

Various Attachments

Dead-load clamp jig (round bars, box-shaped furniture, etc.)

Gear-type dead-load hook clamp jig

Dead-load-type inner diameter clamp jig (tires, large-diameter rings, etc.)

Pneumatic-cylinder-type clamp jig

  • Clamp 90-degree-rotated type (box-shaped furniture, molds, blocks, etc.)
  • Motor driven by rotation

Fork-type jig

Hook-type clamp jig (uses a pneumatic cylinder)

Cardboard-box suction jig

  • Vacuum type
  • Blower type

Vacuum-pad jig (plate suction)

Bag-suction jig (bags, box-shaped furniture, etc.)

Magnetic-type suction jig

Glass-suction 90-degree-rotated jig

  • Suction vacuum
  • Driven by a rotation motor

18-liter-can suction-jig side-suction type