Personal Information Protection Policy

As a machinery and apparatus manufacturer that has public aspects, MOTODA GIKEN CORPORATION (“MOTODA”) considers that it is a part of its important social responsibility to promote the proper handling of personal information and fully recognize the social needs for the protection of personal information. While on the one hand fully meeting the responsibility, in order to provide secure and safe services and continue to be a trusted company, MOTODA also makes its best efforts to ensure the protection of personal information on a company-wide basis in accordance with the basic policy as described below.

  1. MOTODA is committed to ensure its legal compliance in several ways, including properly handling personal information in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations related to the protection of personal information.
  2. MOTODA clearly specifies the purposes of use of personal information and handles the same in a proper manner to the extent necessary to achieve such purposes of use. MOTODA also endeavors to keep personal information accurate and current.
  3. MOTODA provides necessary educational training to the person engaged in any business of handling personal information and appropriately supervises such person. If MOTODA entrusts the handling of personal information to an external contractor, it will also manage and supervise such contractor in several ways, including executing a confidentiality agreement with the contractor so that the proper handling of personal information by such contractor will be ensured.
  4. MOTODA takes necessary safety management measures according to the relevant standards and guidelines to assure the safety of personal information.
  5. MOTODA is committed to continuously improve its management system, safety management measures and other necessary measures to further enhance the protection of personal information.

MOTODA recognizes that it is also important that information related to its customers that are companies or other organizations is protected as strictly as personal information. Such information is handled by MOTODA in the same proper manner as personal information.

【Guarantee and Limitation of Liability】
Any use of the official website of MOTODA by a customer shall be under the customer’s own responsibility. MOTODA shall not be liable for any damage that may be caused by a customer’s use of information obtained through this website or other website linked hereto.

【Governing Law】
The official website of MOTODA is under the control of MOTODA. This website is accessible from any countries around the world, which are governed by laws that are different from those of Japan; however, customers that access this website and MOTODA both agree that they shall be bound by the laws of Japan and prefectural ordinances of Tokyo in relation to the use of this website regardless of such differences in legal principles. MOTODA makes no statement or indication on this website that any content of this website is appropriate in a customer’s environment. Customers are accessing this website on their own free will and shall be responsible for their use of this website.