Easily control heavy goods with stable operability

Yman balancers make it possible for one person to safely and easily do work that would otherwise require many people. We offer an extensive line-up of attachments and accessories to make it possible to handle any kind of heavy good. Take this opportunity to consider introducing our products.

Basic Yman MY-B type

Type B inherits the strengths of conventional balancers and is the most natural type of equipment we have in terms of doing work, offering workers the advantage of a wide variety of working positions and a wide working range.

Basic Yman MY-C type

Type C is set up and used on the ground. This makes it our most suitable type for use in workshops with low ceilings and similar environments. In addition, it does not feel like there is any risk of the machine tipping over even if it is moved by using a dolly, or the like.

Basic Yman MY-E type

The arms of type E models have two turning parts, so the work arm and main body arm can be turned separately. Type E models can be used at locations with low ceilings, giving these models a wider working range.