Our company provides the types of support below to ensure that customers can use our products for many years to come without worry. Feel free to contact us regarding any issues. Our support professionals will help you out.

Failures and Trouble

Tell us about your situation in detail. We’ll propose the optimal recovery method.


Tell us about your machine’s status and your needs. We’ll propose the optimal plan. Also feel free to contact us about regular and preventive maintenance.

Spare Parts and Consumables

If you have parts that take a long time to deliver on hand, you can more flexibly maintain your machine and continue to use it with less worry. We respond to various issues, including the desire to increase the lifespan of parts and the desire to use different materials.

Capability Increases, Improvements, and Upgrades

We provide technical support as well. Tell us about your specific needs—such as a desire to increase the drive capability, make attachment improvements in line with workpieces, or obtain assistance with process automation—and we’ll propose the optimal operating methods and improvements.